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5008 South 110th Street
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ServiceMASTER Clean Supervisor Survey

One of the core pillars of our business at ServiceMASTER Clean is developing people. It provides us an opportunity to help our employees evolve into the best version of themselves that they can be. This survey is one step closer to push us in that direction. Please use this survey to address any comments or concerns you may have — or to let your supervisor know how they are doing. If you choose to remain anonymous; you may skip the name and building portion and continue accordingly. Please use this opportunity to be completely transparent and honest so we can continue developing our people. If there is an incident you would like to address specifically, use the text box at the bottom to talk about your concerns. Thank you!

(This is optional - if you choose to submit your name with feedback, your name will not be revealed during office discussion)
(This is optional - if you choose to submit your building name with feedback, your name will not be revealeed during office discussion)
Survey *
Answers are graded on a numerical 1-5 format; 1 (strongly disagree) being the lowest and 5 (strongly agree) being the highest. We will use this information to develop our employees based on your feedback.
I believe my Supervisor works with my best interest in mind.
When confronted with issues, my Supervisor handles them in a way that makes me feel valued and comfortable.
Numerical, 1-5 based. 1 being the lowest score, 5 being the highest.
You can also leave a note for your supervisor to see directly :)